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Important Copyright information

All Photos I take & produce in any form are Copyright Protected by law.

No photo may be reproduced in any form, for any reason, without a WRITTEN release form from the photographer. Doing so is a violation of Copyright Law -

Under a convention of the Law called the Berne Copyright Convention, April 1, 1989, all creative works are copywritten the moment they're in a tangible form.

Show Photos or photo cd's purchased DO NOT INCLUDE COPYRIGHTS and photographs may NOT be used for any reason, or altered in any way without a written release form from the Photographer - Aurora Goldstein of Wellington Photo.

Copyrights purchased are for you & your business and cannot be used by anyone else for any reason. Copyright purchase does not allow for the reproduction, distribution or altering of any photo, graphics, art, or image  for any purpose or reason.

When a Copyright Infringement is Discovered, You Will Be Notified immediately and Invoiced The "Industry Standard TRIPLE FEE" For Unauthorized Usage and Could be Subject to Prosecution For Copyright Infringement in United State Federal Court.